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Dr. Kathy Seifert


Dr. Seifert's Work on Violence Prevention and Risk Reduction


Dr. Seifert specializes in the prevention of acts of violence,  and the assessment, and treatment of individuals who are at risk for violence.  Frequently called upon by national television networks to discuss violence prevention and mental health issues, Dr. Seifert has interviewed on Understanding and preventing violence on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, the Huffington Post Live, Discovery ID, Fox News, and CBC in Canada. She has appeared on numerous radio shows and local television programs.


Salisbury University provided research on the accuracy of the CARE-2 Assessment in identifying those at risk for violence and creating a risk reduction plan. Dr. Seifert is also the author of the AVRRT™, which enables professionals to provide risk reductions for mentally ill and autistic males, 15–40, and the F-Risk™ or Flashpoint Risk Reduction Model™ which is a Violence Risk Reduction Planning Tool for Chronically Violent Offenders aged 18+.


As an expert contributor for Psychology Today, Dr. Seifert authors the “Stop the Cycle” blog on Psychology Today, which has amassed over 1 Million reads.  Interviews demonstrating her expertise in violence prevention appeared on The Daily Beast and Yahoo News, the Washington Post, Hartford Courant, and the Baltimore Sun. She has become the "go-to" source for news outlets covering incidents of multi-victim violence. Dr. Seifert also appeared in the second season of the television documentary series on LME entitled Killer Kids, providing expert analysis on a case of horrific violence committed by young people.


Dr. Seifert has lectured internationally and is a highly sought after speaker to address conventions, discussion forums, and gatherings of mental health, criminal justice, and education professionals. She appeared at the Conference on the Federal Response to Reducing Gun Violence, which took place in Sandy Hook and was headlined by Vice President Joe Biden.


Violence can be prevented. 

Find Out How!

Visit Dr. Kathy's own website here.

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